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Today for YOU ! ! !

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14 February 1988
Hello, you have reached the Live Journal of Mr. Gavin Hart! I'm 18 years old until Valentines Day of next year. My favorite things to do would have to be dressing up and going out to dance clubs. I also enjoy spending time with friends out in a casual situation(Dinner, Movies, etc.) and I think I make friends quite easily since I am a pretty easy guy to get along with. I am currently single and looking foreward to finding "Mr. Right"! I work at a Cafe as a bus-boy, which the title is nothing too incredibly special but I have plenty of wonderful and nice co-workers. I don't enjoy snobby, stuck up people, or people who are full of themselves. Granit at the end of the day when I come to solutions and a stand point for myself, I still have baggage which I carry. I love music and I am a strong believer that music is medicine for the soul. There is no music I strongly dislike and enjoy just about every genre. Having fun is the key to life to me, but seriousness still plays a factor when needed. My favorite quote will always be: "You'll always have friends no matter what you do, where you'll go, or who you are."