My Nerves are going CRAZY!!!

I'm pretty nervous about tonight, I mean i'm going to see this very attractive, nice, and wonderful guy. How could I not be nervous?!? I think I need to just go take my shower and calm down until tonight. I'm really excited though...Work was good today though! We weren't too busy and I had to convince one of my co-workers not to quit. Of coarse, with my excellent convincable skills I got her to stay. A job well done ey'? Then after work Miles took me to the DMV to see if I could get a louisiana ID, because without one I cannot open a bank account. Found out I need an original copy of my birth certificate, which I only had a copy of! That made me sooo mad! I called my mom to tell her what had happened and she is sending me my original copy so I can get an ID, GO MOM! That's about it for today... Wish me luck for tonight...
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Josh is a great guy !

I went out with Miles, and his cousin Sean last night/this morning. We went to a club/bar called "The Burbon Pub" (Parade) in New Orleans. It was a fun evening. They had sing along Sunday going on, which to those of you who dont know what that is, they baisically have 6 big screens going on with music videos playing of popular songs to the Gay Community. The songs are also very common songs that mostly everyone knows, so you hardly ever feel left out in the sing-along. The three of us were just chilling there against the walls watching some T.V. and this guy that was sitting to the right of me starts talking with me. His name was Josh, and he's 22 years old. He's very attractive and very friendly. Throughout the coarse of an hour or two, we had sung and talked about random bits of information. I found out that he is a bartender for a bar down in New Orleans and he has two roomates who are engaged that are straight. I also found out that he moved away for his ex-boyfriend and things didn't work out between them two, so he moved back to New Orleans. The second conversation we had, he started by saying "You know, I'm not really into the one night stand thing, so if that's what your looking for I'm sorry." Which came to such a surprise to me because many guys in the French Quarter (Party area of New Orleans) are looking for specifically that. I agreed with him, that is not what I want also. So I sat there with Josh, this very attractive man who seems to have his life in order and talked, after a while the talking started to turn into flirting. He flirted with me as soon as I told him I didnt want a one night stand. I think it was a "clear the water" type of thing for him. We eventually ended up making out and cuddeling outside, and everything was good. Tonight, we are supposed to go back to New Orleans to see him again ( I can't wait!) and go back to Parade which is hosting a party ordeal in memory of Hurricane Katrina. Going out really wasnt a bad idea this time!
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Positivity will get me through...

I'm figuring out now that I've been going down a negative path in life. I've decided to take things a little more seriously. With everything that life is throwing in my way I have to fight back. Miles and I have been nagging at each other for days now, mainly because we just broke up. He hurt me, but I'm willing to look past that for a friendship. So, he wasn't the guy I'm ment to be with. I'm sure I'll find him soon and if "Mr. Right" doesn't come soon then what can I do but to let it ride. I want to be the mature one who doesn't say anything back when Miles says something hurtful. I have to ignore it and be strong. Until I meet "Mr. Right" or I get enough money to be on my own, I'll have to deal with it. I have to think positive, keep my head held high and live everyday like it's my last because if I don't I'll be continuing down this path of negativity and frankly life is going to suck. But I can change this, as long as I think smart, give it a little time and hope, and do everything I possibly can.
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It's not always easy...

I moved to Louisiana to be with a guy. (Miles) .Everything was going good for a month... I met some really cool people and done some things I thought I'd never do, I also got a wonderful job at a cafe which pays good and I have great co-workers... But then things went stale, me and Miles started falling apart, I've been sick for a week now, and had to go to the hospital today. I found out I have an upper-respritory infection. Yesterday me and Miles broke up. (Wont go into details)but I was hurt... Very hurt. I moved here for him and we didnt work out. It's ok though, he'll still be a great friend to have and we still live together. I think I will get over this quite easily, but I need to give myself time before jumping into another relationship... (which I have one in mind, but I'm not going to over-exam it.)... Whatever the case, life isn't always easy...
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